June 30, 2015

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      June 29, 2015

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          June 28, 2015

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              June 27, 2015

                • Boyfriend Posts The Best Ad After His Girlfriend Requests He Get Rid Of His Dog. 
                • Front pages from all 50 states on the same-sex marriage ruling. 

                  July 26, 2015

                  • Context Matters

                    Just got done having a chat with a friend who has an app aimed at teaching history (for lack of a better description it's an interactive history textbook). His app had an image of a confederate flag in it, as you'd expect of anything that's trying to teach history, that same as a history text might have a Nazi Flag... guess what, his app was pulled.

                    Now I don't want to get into whether that flag represents slavery, southern tradition, white power or just state's rights. Can we all agree that there's a difference between removing the flag from a state capitol building and removing it from our history books?

                  • Can technology solve America's literacy problem? 
                  • UPDATE: Self-driving car operator denies near collision with Google self-driving car | Fusion.