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  • I've Been Receiving Emails from Saints

    Since I'm in tech and, in a former life, was a hiring manager, I'm on a number of mailing list for recruiting firms and receive several emails a day with lists of people who are available for work. Yesterday, I received an email from Dominic Savio. When I opened it I thought to myself, "self, that's the name of the boy saint who was a student of St. John Bosco, interesting coincidence", and went about my day. Today I received another email from the same firm from "Maria Mazzarello" who shares a name with another student of Don Bosco's; St Maria Mazzarello who founded the Salesian Sisters. A little digging though my email shows me that every email I receive from this firm comes from someone with the same name as a Catholic Saint.

    The firm is based in South Asia (like most IT recruiting agencies these days), and I understand that sometimes the client relations folks in these firms will take European sounding names in order to better connect with their clients but I find it interesting that they are using Saints' names.

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  • Swans
  • Swan
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  • I'm glad that Tubman is going to be on the $20.

    I am concerned that if inflation for the next 4 years looks the same as the last, in 2020 the $20 bill will be worth $18.46 in today's money.

  • For those keeping score...

    princeisalive.com was registered today at 1:26PM EDT.

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  • Beach
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